Watch What This Guy Does After He Catches His Girlfriend Cheating On Him

Society has this bizarre fascination with people who cheat on their significant others. Just look at today’s top story regarding Ashley Madison. The site, which promotes itself as a place for discreet encounters and married dating, was hit by hackers who were upset about the business model. In short, users can pay $20 to completely erase their information from the site. Turns out, that’s not the case.

Anyway, that leads us to this viral video du jour making its way around the Internet, a video that features a guy surprising his cheating girlfriend. It cuts off right before the fireworks start.

Bianca: “What is going on? Are you packing my sh*t?”
Guy: “Yeah.”
Bianca: “Why?”
Guy: “Because I busted you cheating on me.”

And scene. That’s the whole thing. That’s how you make a viral video on the Internet.

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