This Woman Dumped Her Jerk Boyfriend Because He Tried To Give Away Her ‘Hamilton’ Tickets

Theater fans, hip hop enthusiasts, and seemingly anyone with a pulse has been trying to procure Hamilton tickets for months. However, thanks to Grammy wins, sweeping the Tonys, and scalpers ruining the process for those of us who don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on a pair of balcony seats, entry into the Richard Rogers Theater in NYC is nigh on impossible these days. One lucky Redditor, confusedtheatergeek, did manage to snag a few tickets for her and her mother to attend the show (the day of star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s final performance as the titular Hamilton, natch), but what should have been a reason for joy became a tale of narcissism and extreme entitlement gone amok.

The original post has been deleted (while the thread of responses is still there for your perusal), but the good folks at The Daily Dot managed to grab screen caps of the level of crazy that went down between confusedtheatergeek and her douchelord of a boyfriend.

Yiiiiikes. I have no idea how a person makes the mental leap from “Man, I am SO EXCITED to see this incredible thing with my mother” to “I can totally give away my girlfriend’s prized possession without discussing it with her at all,” but somehow this guy got there. However, from the sound of his parents, that kind of entitlement runs deep with this family. Luckily, from the resulting Reddit post, it sounds like our OP dumped this next level jackass and is moving on to greener pastures. Plus, she has Hamilton tickets, which is more than most people can claim.

(Via The Daily Dot)