This Woman Escaped Rape And Murder By Biting Off Her Attacker’s Tongue

10.23.15 3 years ago

Like the sex worker who thwarted a serial killer a few months ago, another woman has stopped her rapist/murderer, albeit in an even more extraordinary way. In this case, she bit off her attacker’s tongue.

Ready for this story? According to The Washington Post, the attack occurred before dawn on Friday, October 16 in North Charleston, S.C. The woman checked twice after someone rang her doorbell only to find no one there. On the third ring, she opened the door to find 16-year-old Antoine Miller in front of her with a knife. She tried to close the door on him, but he was able to barge in, restrain her, and punch her several times.

“Stop fighting and I won’t hurt you,” he said, before carrying her into the bedroom. When he tried to pull down her shorts, she kicked him in the groin. “Now you have to die,” he apparently told her, and then forced his tongue in her mouth. That’s when she bit down:

The woman “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap,” according to the police report. Miller then began screaming and climbed off of her.

The woman ran out of the house, but not before spitting out her attacker’s tongue and throwing it on her kitchen floor.

Police found Miller, the assailant, after his mother placed a 911 call where she classified her son’s emergency as “not having a tongue.”

Miller will be tried as an adult and is currently in custody.

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