This Woman Makes A Poor Decision To Hop The Fence At The Tiger Pen For Her Hat

If you ever visit the zoo, the one thing you’d likely never expect to do is jump over the fence into the tiger pit. Hanging around in the monkey house, sure. Swimming with the turtles, why not. Hopping in to play around with tigers, pump the brakes. The big cats like to bite and when even someone who is known as “the tiger whisperer” is getting chomped on, you know you’re place is high above and away from the cat.

This lady did not get that memo and decides to hop over the fence at the Toronto zoo’s tiger pen in order tor retrieve her hat.

After recovering the hat, the woman hops back over toward a group of onlookers.

“You’re a moron, you’re a moron,” a man can be heard shouting. “You’re a bad example to everyone else’s kids.”

Another woman can then be seen intervening to break up the argument.

“She jumped into a tiger cage. Are [you] kidding me?” the man can be heard saying in response.

Zoo officials noted that the situation could’ve been much worse and that any items that fall over into the animal pens should be retrieved by the zoo staff. The individual who watches over the tiger pen also watches another and was likely away at the moment this lady decided to rescue her hat.

But perhaps we’re not giving enough credit to the woman. She’s fearless and clearly the hat means a lot to her. The gentleman who is lecturing her notes that it might be a $5 dollar hat, but he doesn’t know the sentimental value attached. What if that hat housed the spirit of her dead husband? What if that hat WAS her husband? It makes about as much sense as jumping into the tiger pit.

(Via CBC)