Watch This Morning Show Guest Make The Grossest Joke Ever On Live TV

We don’t know what it is about local news, but not a week goes by without someone, somewhere, somehow saying something really gross and inappropriate that makes us both cringe with embarrassment and gasp with unfettered delight at the human circus splayed forward before us. And if you live in Detroit, you’re gonna want to start watching The Nine on Fox 2 just so you can see more creepy moments like the one below happening on, what we imagine, a basis a little more frequent than co-host Deena Centofanti might like. (Look at her face in the video.)

Here’s the set-up: This morning, Centofanti welcomed Kelly Schaefer Janssen of 7 Greens restaurant to talk about ways to spice up one’s salad. In case you didn’t know, May is National Salad Month (something that Centofanti looks thrilled to be  discussing) and the goal of this segment was to make it clear that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

Schaefer Janssen certainly made that point clear when Centofanti’s co-host, Jason Carr, wandered over to try the salad. Before he even got a chance to taste whatever the two were making was, though, Schaefer Janssen made a joke about Carr liking yoga girls (which she is) and then said, “I bet you’d like me to toss your salad,” prompting a very quick end to the segment.

The best part? It looked like the restaurateur knew exactly what she was doing on live television. “Eyyy, that never gets old,” she said.

We bandy the word hero around more than we should, but this woman? She’s definitely the hero we deserve, if not the one Centofanti really needs in her life.