This Woman Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Hilariously Mocking Celebrities On Instagram

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The last time we checked in with Celeste Barber, the Australian comedian was getting media attention due to her Instagram account which had gone viral after the hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted led her to recreating self-obsessed celebrity photos and matching them up with her own versions. It was, in a word: wonderful. At the time, Barber said of her project:

“People are so obsessed with celebrities and celebrities seem to be so obsessed with portraying everyday people,” Barber told the ABC.

“I thought, right, if this is what everyone does — challenge accepted.”

Well, it’s nearly a year later now and Barber’s Instagram is prolific as ever, because thankfully celebrities will never stop being vain on social media, so she’s got plenty of inspiration. Here’s what she’s been up to lately, starting with her favorite targets, the Kardashians:

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