This Woman’s Campaign For Black Sabbath Tickets Proves Their Fans Are Still The Most Hardcore

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Concert tickets are outrageously expensive because the market demands as much, but the price of Black Sabbath tickets is so high that one woman will do whatever it takes to see her band. Actually, the tickets aren’t that pricey, but Sabbath isn’t exactly playing the casinos for free. A quick perusal at the bigger online sellers reveals that a January evening with Ozzy and pals starts at about $65 (for the nosebleed section) and jumps to a few hundred dollars (for the “close enough to catch Ozzy’s sweat” rows).

There are a lot of things people would do to raise enough money for tickets, but this woman takes top prize for her devotion to heavy metal. She’s offering up blowjobs at $20 a pop, and who knows if she’s really serious. I would assume as much because she’s not exactly looking for a relationship with that kind of language. The part about loving hunting and the outdoors is a nice touch, but not necessary for the offer at hand, although I hope she’s not too disappointed with what she’ll purchase with the money. Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio would be worth all that work, but when you’re only getting Ozzy? That’s rough.

Here’s the enterprising lady’s Tinder ad, and may she be successful in her quest.

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