This Classy Lady Had Lots Of Prison Sex In Full View Of Her Boyfriend’s Guards

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A young English rose named Barley Marshall, 22, told the world how she “serviced” her inmate boyfriend in front of his prison guards. Ben Harwood, 25, was serving a 12-month prison sentence for burglary when he broke his leg at Nottingham Prison. During his recovery time at the Queens Medical Centre, his security was more than lax. Ben was handcuffed to his bed, but his two guards let him do anything he wanted.

So he did. Barley delivered KFC meals to her fella on the regular, and they also enjoyed some sexy times. A lot of sexy times. Barley provided the Daily Mirror with photos that purport to show Ben cuffed to his hospital bed. She says they did the deed “five or six times,” and the guards looked the other way. (Or at least they pretended to do so.)

“I couldn’t believe what we got away with. We ate takeaways together and had some sexual fun – it was like being on a normal date.

“I assumed security would be really strict because he was still serving time, even though he was injured – but nobody seemed to monitor us at all.”

Sure, it was like a normal date if you disregard the handcuffs, the security, and the broken leg. Barley enjoyed the “romantic dates” very much because her “normal” prison visits with Ben didn’t result in “any quality time.” You know, because of those pesky prison searches and no-contact rules.

Barley insists that she was worried about Ben’s injury, “but it turned out to be the best part of his sentence.” It seems like Ben would agree, even though “there were two prison guards sat on chairs with us.” Barley would visit for six hours at a time, taking selfies and having “some sexual fun.”

Barley and Ben now live together, and presumably their sex life continues with much less excitement. She says her friends wouldn’t believe her story until they saw the photos. The Prison Service doesn’t believe it either, which is why they “vowed to investigate” Barley’s story and fully discipline the guards if the tale turns out to be real.

(Via The Mirror)

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