Watch This Woman Throw Down A Boob Assault After Being Told She Can’t Smoke Inside

CCTV captured this scene at a betting shop in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which starts out innocently enough as a woman enters the premises with a lit cigarette. Shortly after, a security guard follows her in and tells her she’ll have to take it outside, to which the woman has the very rational and grounded response of charging at the guard (who happens to be twice her size) and attacking him.

At that point, the security guard picks the lady up like a sack of garbage and forcibly carries her out, and you’d think that would be the end of the story. Well! That would be seriously underestimating crazy, because five minutes later the woman returns with a cup of water which she throws in his face, then rips off her shirt in the ultimate “COME AT ME, BRO” move.

Suffice to say, the security guard probably wasn’t expecting that, and as a result, he probably has a reason to see boobs in a terrifying new light.

(via Mirror via BroBible)