This Woman Gets The Best Revenge On The Boyfriend Who Wanted Her To Stay Fat

Believe it or not, the above split screen shows the same woman before and after a 150 pound weight loss. Christina Carter, 28, spent much of her existence feeling miserable only two years ago. Her binge eating cost about $2,000 per month, and she weighed 275 pounds. She kick-started her transformation with gastric sleeve surgery, which saw a dramatic 50-pound loss and then a stalling. So, Carter turned to a good, old-fashioned exercise plan to shed another 100 pounds. After a tummy tuck to dispense with excess skin, you’d think that would conclude the success story, but not quite.


This self-improvement adventure has a common element to that of Lauren Goodger, who recently delivered comeuppance to the boyfriend who called her fat by losing weight. The difference, however, is that Carter’s boyfriend preferred her being overweight. And this wasn’t simply a preference. Carter reveals that he grew increasingly jealous as she shed the pounds, so she dumped him and lost even more dead weight.

Carter certainly made the right choice. She’s happier, healthier, and dropped a man who wanted her to have neither of these things. Meanwhile, these photos only get more incredible with each one. Carter’s healthy habits have set her on the path to never stretch out the blue-and-white bikini again.

(Via Us Weekly and Daily Mail)