How Two Women Are Using Their Assets To Make A Fortune On Instagram

The life of an Instagram model isn’t always fun and games. In fact, the process can be downright depressing for some veterans of the process. Yet these two sisters appear to enjoy themselves so much that their enthusiasm has translated to big bucks. Nadia and Dana Bruna hail from Argentina and make an enormous living from their Instagram photos, which fund their luxury lifestyle and — in turn — provides for more scenic photos. However, no one is really looking at these ladies’ surroundings.

The Bruna sisters, who collectively boast over a million followers on social media, claim to make about $30,000 per month from their “belfies,” which is awe-inspiring for a few reasons. First, one cannot technically take a selfie of their own butt. Even though a selfie stick would help get the job done, such a prop would ruin the carefully crafted illusion of tush magic. Second, these ladies admit to surgical enhancement, which is actually a very smart business investment. That is, if one is in the business of butt “selfies.” May as well go all out if you’re gonna do it, right?

The sisters hope to soon, uh, “expand” their practice. Just how they hope to do so will be worth watching. In the meantime, this is one excellent caption: “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor every morning the devil says: ‘Oh sh*t, she is up.'”

Photos and videos like this certainly help. Men apparently enjoy watching well-endowed women do squats at the gym.

You can see more of the Bruna sisters’ Instagram collection here. Whatever they do next is sure to be riveting. And scenic.