Two Women Busted For Smuggling $30 Million In Cocaine Chronicled Their Lavish Trip On Instagram

Two 20-something Canadian women, Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace — a real life Alex and Piper, if you will — are facing life in prison after Australian authorities discovered 200 pounds of cocaine in their luggage on the last stop of a $15,000 luxury cruise that made its way from Southampton, United Kingdom to Sydney over the course of two months. Part of the haul was also found in the luggage of a 63-year-old Quebec man, Andre Jorge Tamine, although it’s unclear how the two parties may be related.

The haul is the single largest drug bust via boat or plane Australia has ever seen, but Roberge and Lagace’s story is notable for a different reason. Prior to being arrested and charged with importing a commercial quantity of cocaine, the two women documented their lavish, worldwide cruise on social media. The pair posted everything from their first Irish coffee in Ireland, to a trip to Times Square in New York City, to riding ATVs in Peru, to drinking out of coconuts in Tahiti.

The whole thing seemed like a trip of a lifetime, and given the circumstances surrounding the pair’s arrest, it likely will have turned out to be just that. Here are just a handful of photos Roberge and Lagace posted to Instagram before their arrest this past Sunday.

In a turn of irony, Roberge’s final post before her arrest is this post that simply says, “when you wake up and need a nap.” If only she had known!

(Via Vice)