Women Everywhere Are Freaking Out Over This ‘Hot Dudes Reading’ Instagram Account

What’s sexier than creeping on a good-looking stranger reading a book on a crowded subway train? Creeping on a bunch of good-looking strangers reading books on crowded subway trains via this sexy new Instagram account. Hot Dudes Reading has tapped into the deep recesses of our subconscious mind and discovered a dark truth: watching incredibly attractive men stick their noses in a good book is sexier than Burt Reynolds lying naked on a bearskin rug.

The new account was created by a group of 20- and 30-something New Yorkers who told The Huffington Post the scientific reasoning behind their social media experiment:

Reading is fundamentally hot, and who doesn’t like to fantasize a little bit about the sexy stranger we spot sitting across from us?

Fair enough. Each photo comes complete with a caption that either describes in detail the man and the book in his hand, or imagines different scenarios based on the type of literature he’s reading. (My personal favorite is the person who guessed one sexy bookworm had just finished making love to his French girlfriend before chowing down on gluten-free toast and devouring a collection of post-war Russian short stories. The dude reading the Lena Dunham memoir was a close second though.)


The account has even attracted some celebrity fans (we see you Lance Bass). Honestly though, it’s just nice to see men getting noticed for opening a book instead of spreading their legs on the subway for a change.