Women On Instagram Are Showing How Easy It Is To Be Deceived With ’30 Second Before And After’ Photos

It doesn’t matter how many fitness apps you download, or Starbucks sugar-coffees you don’t drink, or healthy foods you eat — sometimes you’re going to feel bad about you’re body. Particularly after a spin around Instagram. It’s one thing for Dwayne Johnson to look like, well, The Rock, but then you see normal, non-Hercules people with impossibly toned abs, and compare them to your Grimace-after-a-pizza-bender physique. It can be disheartening.

But there’s something you should know: EVERYONE’S A LIAR.

Okay, not everyone. The Rock, for instance, is legitimate. So is this woman. But, and this may shock you, photos can be deceiving. A small turn here, better lighting there, and suddenly you look like an entirely different person. To inspire others, women on Instagram are showing how easy it is to visually manipulate someone through the #30SecondBeforeAndAfter hashtag.

As one user, dontstop_tilyoudrop, explained:

I decided to post a #keepitreal selfie! NOT a progress pic!! But showing what a big difference posture and flexing can do! I also have the awesome secret ability to push my stomach out to look like I’m pregnant. I do it all the time actually for fun, it’s my own form of entertainment hahaha. But in all seriousness, it’s no surprise we like to post the best photos/ versions of ourselves online, but that’s not the only side to us! I promise you, no one is perfect. We all have weaknesses, and we all have days where we don’t have those perfect ab lines, thigh gaps, etc. And you know what, it’s about time we show all sides of us! The real side of us. So I challenge everyone to do this tag! And show the world out there how real we really are. (Via)

Challenge accepted.

Never trust any photo you see on the Internet. Unless The Rock took it.