Wonder Woman May Be In ‘Batman Versus Superman’ And Lynda Carter Has Suggestions

Warner is discreetly offering a lead role in Batman vs Superman to a physically strong woman between 25 and 33 years old, reports Bleeding Cool. They say the agencies sending actors to Warner think the role is for Wonder Woman, but Warner won’t tell them the character’s name. It could just be a villain or a love interest, but we’re hoping this is a way to introduce Wonder Woman before she has a larger role in another DC film (like how Marvel introduced Black Widow in Iron Man 2).

Meanwhile, original onscreen Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, pictured above, recently spoke with ETOnline about DC’s failures to bring Wonder Woman back to the screen.

“They miss the point of Wonder Woman. […] I think they try to just make her a female version of a male superhero, and that’s not what she is,” observes Lynda. […] “Maybe they need a female writer who gets it. I’ve often tried not to say that, but I think it’s the truth. It’s like, ‘Hellooooo guys, get a female that understands what that’s all about.’ You look at any society that suppresses women, and it’s violent. Look around the world. … There’s a humanity that they’re missing. There’s got to be a sweetness, a kindness, a goodness in the character. The rest takes care of itself.” [ETOnline via DCWKA]

Yep. Somehow they keep botching something as simple as this:

Sorry (but not really sorry) for the load time on that GIF, but it was completely necessary. And if you want a good explanation of the differences between Marvel and DC lately, this tweet sums it up:

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