All The DC Universe Easter Eggs You Need To Know From ‘Wonder Woman’

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After much anticipation, much box office projection, and much fretting over whether the movie’s quality would live up to longtime fans’ expectations for the first big screen outing of Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman is finally out in wide release for all to see and enjoy. Or not enjoy, that’s entirely up to you and your superhero preferences! But if you do head out this weekend to catch Diana’s solo big screen debut, there are some story beats that mean more in the grand scheme of the DC Expanded Comic Book Universe than they do just in the context of this standalone film.

Below, a few of the major moments that tie in to the rest of DC’s big screen plan. Beware of MILD SPOILERS if you have not yet seen the movie.

The Photo That Started It All


The only reason Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has already been seen on screen in this iteration before is because of her visit to Metropolis in DC’s Batman v. Superman. The visit, which was enjoyable, was only precipitated because Diana was looking for a very specific piece of history that she had lost in the previous decades. That photograph is the one of her, Steve Trevor, and various comrades during a victorious moment of her Wonder Woman adventures. Although she previously got a copy of the picture back in BvS, the original picture is what she truly desires. The backstory adding color to her desire for the photo retroactively makes DC’s depressing rivalry movie a shade better.

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