Words Cannot Express How Much I Want A Hobbes Stuffed Animal

09.30.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

Flickr user Lindsay Mays has made a spot on Hobbes so accurate it looks like it is about to come alive and sled down a massive, snowy hillside with you. Apparently there were some more dolls available at her Etsy shop, but those have been gobbled up by the Internet fans of Calvin and Hobbes.

I realize that Bill Watterson did not want to water down his magnificent artistic project with commercial goods. And I’m really glad there won’t ever be a Calvin and Hobbes MetLife commercial. But while I will never own a Calvin peeing on something sticker, I give my unborn child a Hobbes doll someday. Oh yes, it will be mine ours my kid’s toy.

Via Super Punch.

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