'Workaholics' Season 3 Premiere Live Discussion And Q&A With Jillian Bell And Erik Griffin

05.29.12 6 years ago 369 Comments

Let’s get weird, shall we? Just as the devastation that is summer and the lack of scripted comedy on television was beginning to shatter our collective viewing, Season 3 of Workaholics rides in like a knight in a bear suit to save the day. So we’re ringing in the new season with a live conversation leading up to and during tonight’s premiere, including a Q&A segment with Montez himself — comedian Erik Griffin.

Erik will join us at 6:30PM EST/3:30PM PST to reply to questions and comments about the show, his career, tight buttholes, etc. Please direct all questions @Erik and he’ll get to as many as he can. In preparation we recommend everyone check out the Summer Tuesdays promo (hint: appropriate use of Bon Iver) and this Cinco de Mayo clip from “The Other Cubicle” (hint: Montez, Waymond, Jet Set, and Choco Tacos).

Jillian Bell will be joining us at 9:30PM EST/6:30PM PST for the hour leading up to the Season 3 Premiere. Get torqued and your questions @Jillian now! Talkin’ about mountains, y’all

Jillian is coming for your questions @9:30PM EST

The power of Christ compels you to ask Erik good questions!

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