Second ‘World War Z’ Trailer Leaks Early, Still Looks, Uh…

NANA-NANANANANA-NA-NA-NA, katamari damashii-

The weird, rolling masses of bad-CGI zombies in the first footage from Brad Pitt’s World War Z adaptation left us underwhelmed. Then the Super Bowl spot still left us wondering what we were seeing. Now the second trailer has leaked early, and it thankfully makes a little more sense than the last one.

We still have to wonder, though, why Paramount would buy the rights to Max Brooks’ excellent World War Z and then make a movie that bears no resemblance to it. If they only wanted the cool title, couldn’t they have saved nearly a million dollars by buying any cheap spec script about zombies with a good title and then let Matthew Michael Carnahan and Damon Lindelof rewrite it? Hell, walk into any Starbucks in LA and yell, “Best title for a zombie movie gets a script deal. GO!” Then burn that Starbucks full of screenwriters to the ground, because yuck.

World War Z opens June 21st, 2013 after being pushed from its original opening date last December for extensive reshoots. The leaked trailer and two new posters are below. We’ll update the video with the official version once it’s released tomorrow.

And a YouTube version, just in case:

HD available at Apple.

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