The Man With The World’s Largest Penis Scored A Surgery Offer From A Caring Porn Company

In late August, we brought you the fantastic tale of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a 52-year-old dude who claimed to have the world’s largest penis. Cabrera maintained that life was made nearly unlivable because he has to carry around a 19-inch, two-pound wang. He’s unable to work or enjoy the company of a woman because of the burden in his pants. Many people would doubt that a too-large penis could ever exist, but surely there can always be too much of a good thing.

Cabrera provided media outlets with x-ray proof of his huge unit, but the world is full of skeptics who said the penis was largely made up of extra skin. Cabrera also predictably received porn offers, as others speculated that his problem could be corrected with a mega circumcision.

Now Vivid Entertainment — the classy folks who tossed porn offers at both Kylie Jenner and Mama June Shannon — is hopping into action. TMZ reports that the porn company wants to help Cabrera with corrective surgery. Are there any strings attached?

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera — the man sporting a 19-inch penis — just got an offer that could change his life … and the way he walks. We’re told Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch offered to pay for medical treatment on Cabrera’s two pound penis. Apparently Hirsch was so shocked by the pics of Cabrera’s penis, he agreed to pony up the surgery loot, even if they couldn’t strike a deal on a sex tape.

Hmm. Steven Hirsch offered up corrective surgery on Vivid’s dime without asking for anything in return. People don’t necessarily think of porn company founders as charitable types, even when it comes to matters of the penis. There’s gonna be something in it for Hirsch. Whether that IOU happens to come in the form of a “before” or “after” is what’s really up for debate. Perhaps I’m reading the situation all wrong, and Hirsch simply wants to help a well-endowed man in need. Do porn companies have souls?

(Via TMZ)