An Ethiopian Farmer Is Claiming To Be The World’s Oldest Human At 160 Years Really Old

We all know that Ethiopian farmers are the most trustworthy of folk, right? Right. Then there’s no reason to NOT believe that Dhaqabo Ebba is, at 160 years old, the world’s oldest human ever…by a good four decades.

At an estimated 160 years of age, Dhaqabo Ebba, a retired farmer and well-known community elder from the Oromia region in Ethiopia, could be the oldest living person ever.

In an interview conducted by the state-run TV Oromiya and published online on Aug. 12, 2013, Ebba — who has no birth certificate to prove his exact age — says he has lived through and witnessed a transfer of power among all of the five Gadaa Oromo political parties in four rotations. (Via)

Hm. Well, he has no birth certificate or living witnesses, but, according to Opride, Ebba said, “When Italy [first] invaded Ethiopia [in 1895], I had two wives and my son was old enough to herd cattle,” which is proof enough for me. If he can name the guy who invented the lie detector in 1920, then his story is 100% solid.