Worst Trek Episode Ever: The Bracket Begins

And so it begins.

You helped us pick the thirty-two worst Trek episodes of all time, and now…you’re going to help up pick the worst.

Here’s how we built the bracket, beyond my terrible GIMP skills: we start with two episodes of the same series against each other (with some exceptions in the corner). That way, we can whittle down the worst of each series, and start putting the worst of them against each other starting with the “Sweet” Sixteen. Each day, we’re going to ask you to vote in the comments and on Facebook for which episode is worse on a matchup. Voting will close the next day at 6pm.

And, of course, pick your overall win for the entire bracket. Why? Because you get a valuable prize.

OK, OK, you get the Nitpicker’s Guide for whichever series takes the bracket. But, hey, they’re hilarious, and it’s a twenty dollar value, yours free for deciding which episode is the worst.

That said, let’s look at our stinkers for today:

“Operation: Annihilate!” Vs. “The Omega Glory”

“Annihilate!” feature mind control crepes, and also a colon and an exclamation point, so you know it blows. Meanwhile, “The Omega Glory” is a pile of self-righteous tribe about how the Cold War is, like, bad, man, and we’ll, like, totally turn into, like, cavemen.

Tell us which is worse in the comments!

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