Would You Like To See A Dog Shoveling Snow? Because Here Is A Dog Shoveling Snow.

Fun fact that I just made up: 90% of dogs in households with children in them are named “Elsa” now. Male or female, it doesn’t matter, really. This helpful dog named Elsa, however, actually earned her “Elsa-ness,” because she loves her family’s backyard ice rink so much that she’ll actually take it upon herself to clear the snow off of it. (This video takes place in Ontario, where backyard ice rinks are apparently a common thing.)

According to Elsa’s owner, “she loves it out there, and takes any opportunity she can to get out back on the ice.” And yet somehow, an Air Bud hockey movie was never made. I think it’s about time to rectify that mistake and I know just the dog for rebooting the franchise with Air Bud: Paw-er Play

(Via UPI)