Today In Wonderfully Insane Japanese TV Clips: ‘Cathy’s House’ Looks Fun

If you’ve kept abreast of our Japan tag, you know we like to occasionally highlight the glorious insanity that is Japanese TV. Now we have another surreal clip to highlight, and it’s as if someone applied Source Filmmaker to a set of four Real Dolls.

The video comes from Vermilion Pleasure Night, a Japanese variety show filled with recurring comedy segments. The clip below is from the “Cathy’s House” segment, which aired in 2000 and features four women with clothing, surroundings, and mannerisms similar to Barbie dolls. They play out scenarios which could have been scripted by some of my childhood friends playing with their dolls. If you didn’t have any female friends to watch play with dolls, you missed out. It would always devolve into a slap fight, a dance number, and somebody getting arrested. Much like my family Thanksgivings.

Check out the videos and GIFs below to admire that precious chair.

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