‘X-Force’ Is Headed To The Big Screen, We Handicap The Roster

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07.15.13 62 Comments

Bust out your pouch vests and your gigantic pulse weapons: Fox is bringing X-Force to the big screen. The question is, though, which version of X-Force?

For those unfamiliar, X-Force is essentially the X-Men’s black ops unit. Whatever situations the X-Men can’t touch, or might require a show of force the team is unwilling to make, X-Force deals with. At least in theory; this being Marvel that concept is a bit more fluid than one might think.

Here’s what we know about the movie; according to Rob Liefeld, this has been in the works since March:

It’ll be a spin-off of the current X-Men franchise. And that apparently, Kick-Ass 2 is really, really good, because Fox immediately tapped its writer and director, Jeff Wadlow, to start making X-Force a reality in script form. Which leaves one question… what will be the roster? Let’s do a little handicapping; here are the five characters we’re pretty sure will be part of the team, even if only for the five minutes it takes to establish movie continuity.

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