The Typically Classy Xbox Boss Sends His Best Wishes To The Departing Playstation VP

The gaming world can at times devolve into the same partisan bickering that tends to erupt in the world of politics, mostly due to home consoles costing anywhere from $300 – $600 with most consumers finding enough room in their budget for just one console at a time. Both Sony and Microsoft — the industry leaders responsible for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively — have been known to make digs at each other that send fanboys into a tailspin. Of late, though, both companies have settled into their roles and things seem to be a whole lot less contentious.

What further proof do you need than Xbox head Phil Spencer wishing a departing Sony VP well? According to GameSpot, at hearing the news that Adam Boyes would be departing Sony to return to his passion of creating games instead, Phil Spencer reached out to Boyes via Twitter to wish him well, with Boyes being quick to return the platitudes.

After the years of fans arguing if the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One is the better console and both companies locking horns in the name of competition it’s sometimes easy to forget that the people who work there just love what they do. The game industry is relatively small, especially on the executive level, and chances of them crossing paths again is likely.

Boyes previously worked at Capcom USA before joining Sony, where he worked for over four years working as a liaison between third party developers and the Playstation. Early in July, he announced his intentions to leave Sony to return to game development.

(Via GameSpot)