Details About The Xbox One Slim Have Leaked In Advance Of Microsoft’s E3 Presentation


It was inevitable, now it’s here (and will soon be official): Xbox One Slim. In a leak discovered by NeoGaf, it looks like Microsoft is following in the Xbox 360’s footsteps with the release of a new model of their flagship hardware. According to the marketing leak, the Xbox One S will be 40% smaller (which is extremely welcome), have a 2TB hard drive, up from the 500GB hard drive that is currently driving gamers mad, and will support 4K video. It will also have a vertical stand, which is nice but not entirely necessary, and a streamlined controller, which would be the third iteration of the Xbox One controller in as many years.

Here we see the vertical Xbox One. It looks nice in white and still retains the simple, clean look of the Xbox One but isn’t as monstrous.

The Xbox 360 went through three separate iterations in its life cycle, and while the Xbox One boss said we wouldn’t be seeing Playstation 4-style upgrades to hardware, it’s impossible to deny that the Xbox One will need to compete with the “Sony Neo” in the future. Xbox One was already behind in the raw horsepower category, but these changes, hopefully, coupled with a price reduction, could be a very good thing ahead of Gears 4.

(Via IGN)