This Yappy Dog Coming Face-To-Face With A Bobcat Needs To Check Itself

02.16.16 3 years ago

Meanwhile in Ontario, a bobcat wandered up to the sliding glass door of a family home where it was met by one very angry and very yappy floofy white dog, that proceeded to… I don’t know, yap it to death? Listen, dog, you are the product of hundreds of years of breeding by humans to achieve the primary function of “embodying sheer delight.” No, really. That is literally what it says on the American Kennel Club website. This dog was never intended to hunt anything more foreboding than a little tin of Cesar wet food.

This bobcat, on the other hand, is a wild-ass animal with deadly weapons for a face and feet. “Look at it! It’s trying to play with him,” says the lady in the video. No, lady. That cat is trying to figure out a way to get inside your house so it can murder the crap out of your dog. Tell your dog to chill and be thankful for glass.

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