This Adorable Toddler With Bad Pronunciation Tells You Where You Can Shove It

Meet Lloyd. Lloyd is a one-and-a-half year-old half Canadian, half Swedish toddler with a unique accent and some pronunciation issues. Lloyd is probably also a lot of fun at parties. His father, Christopher Bennison, writes in an email to the Huffington Post:

“He’s a year and a half and is of course soaking up everything he hears,” Christopher added. “We’ve been really making an effort to watch our language around him so this was both a bit of a shock and absolutely hilarious. It was a relief when we realized he was trying to say ‘thank you.'”

All I can say to Mr. Bennison is that your son is doing the lord’s work. As far as unintentional comedy goes, kids cursing ranks just above cats falling off of things and people getting hit in the nuts. The holy grail of unintentional comedy — if you will.