What This Woman Did With ‘Natural Yeast’ Bread Will Be The Worst Thing You’ve Heard All Day

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In November, a feminist blogger may have actually broken the internet with news of her yeast infection. This sort of thing happens every day, and it’s something people just don’t discuss. However, Zoe Stavri was excited by the prospect because her itchiness inspired her to, uh, bake. She decided to use scoop out her “natural yeast” and add it to a sourdough starter, and she fully blogged her intentions.

As you can imagine, people (of both sexes) were grossed out by the prospect. Twitters response ranged from “I think you’re confusing mental illness with feminism,” to the “…. and thank you for ruining bread for me. Just ew I can’t,” and a regretful “this is why nobody takes feminists seriously.” The woman was not deterred at all, and she even fed (har har) upon the attention.

Stavri baked that bread (or so she claims), and she provided pictures of bread as “proof” along with a recipe. You know, just in case someone else wants to do it too. Then Stavri did the unthinkable by sending her bread to some Australian radio hosts (Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson) without a warning. Aaand she called them up after they reportedly toasted and ate the bread, which resulted in this on-air conversation:

Stavri: “I’m just wondering if you got my present that I sent in this morning to you? I actually made it from a really special recipe that I’ve made myself … I actually used my own bodily yeast.”

Henderson: “You’re taking the piss aren’t you?”

Sandilands: (Retches in the background.)

Henderson: “I didn’t have it, thank God! But everyone else did.”

Sandilands: “I can still taste it. My mouth’s all clammy.”

This is so wrong that I’ve been rendered wordless. Let’s hope it’s a hoax.

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