Highly Venomous Snakes Are Washing Onto California Shores, Thanks To El Niño

Los Angelenos have plenty to worry about, from the high cost of living to the worry that California’s drought crisis may never be resolved. Now, there’s more to fear in the form of venomous yellow-bellied sea snakes, which are being deposited courtesy of El Nino. An environmental group that stumbled upon the snake claims the snake most likely ended up on the shore due to the warmer waters because of the weather phenomenon.

Of course, the snake was already dead when it was discovered, but this marks the third time that the yellow-bellied sea snake has surfaced in California. It happened way back in the the 1970s and also in October this year. Experts claim that the snakes will retreat once the El Nino conditions subside and the water cools back to its normal temperature, but more of these snakes are finding their way to shores due to the warmer waters.

The snakes possess quite potent venom but are not naturally aggressive creatures. They will not strike unless they feel threatened or someone happens to make the mistake of touching them. The snakes’ mouths are incredibly tiny, so it’s hardly possible that anyone would die from a dose of the venom. Still, don’t approach these suckers if you have the chance.

(Via ABC News and Huffington Post)