Yes, GloZell Green Just Said Dick To The President Of The United States

Earlier this evening, President Barack Obama sat down for a very unusual interview with three unlikely reporters. Actually, they aren’t really reporters at all, because today’s whipper-snappers and hip kids with the iPhones and Zunes know them as YouTube stars. Obama was greeted with very intelligent questions from each personality and depending on your stance on the President and his politics, he either gave very good and thought-provoking answers, or he was talking out of his b-hole. Some YouTube commenters even suggested that he proved he’s an Illuminati pawn. All in all, it was a balanced exercise in social media interaction.

The first of the three YouTube stars was Hank Green, who is a popular vlogger for the Vlog Brothers channel and has “produced videos for YouTube, NASA, and The Discovery Channel, but mostly I make videos for Nerdfighteria.” Following Green was YouTube comedienne GloZell Green, whose bio claims that she is “in the category of legendary funny ladies such as Ellen Degeneres, Whoopi Goldberg, Tina Fey, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller.” And closing it out was teen fashion blogger and anti-bullying advocate Bethany Mota.

Of course, it was Green who raised the most eyebrows when it was reported that she’d be asking questions on a live YouTube feed to the leader of the free world. Why? Because she has a history of eating cereal from a bathtub full of milk that she has been sitting in, all in the name of comedy. However, Green’s questions were perhaps the most challenging of the affair, but she did manage to slip in one little nugget of “holy crap, did she just say dick to the President?” awesomeness.

The rest of the interview can be viewed below, with the 40 minutes of silence skipped for your enjoyment. Unless that was just all part of the Illuminati’s plan…