Yes, Watching The Trailer For ‘Jack And Jill’ Is Just Like Watching Your Daughter Get Tag-Teamed On Film

The first time I saw the trailer for Jack And Jill — a movie in which Adam Sandler plays a Los Angeles man AND his obnoxious sister from the Bronx, co-starring Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Dana Carvey, Regis Philbin and Shaquille O’Neal — I thought it was a joke. Like, I seriously thought it was a brilliant, superbly cast Funny or Die parody of modern Hollywood. “Oh this is awesome…look at all of these stars who are in on the joke,” I thought. Haha, the joke was me, and all of us, because then I Googled around a bit and discovered, incredulously, that it was a real movie with a real IMDB page, and I almost hit the floor. It’s just ridiculous. Think Adam Sandler on steroids being his most Adam Sandler-y. They should have just gone the extra mile and tossed in Little Nicky as a supporting character just to get even more Sandler in there.

Well thank God we have the Internet to mercilessly mock and ridicule these sorts of cinematic turds, helping me, and surely many others, maintain their sanity along the way. Check out what some genius named Paul Bonanno did on YouTube: He took clips from a scene in the movie Hardcore — a 1979 film about a Midwestern father who discovers that his daughter is a porn actress — in which the character played by George C. Scott, the father, ventures into a porno house and watches his porn star daughter gets tag-teamed on the big screen, and spliced them in with the trailer for Jack And Jill. I can’t think of anything more appropriate, and the result is absolutely hilarious. Enjoy.

(HT: Paul Bonanno)