You Can Now Buy A Lab-Grown Burger For $325,000! It Tastes Terrible!

Yup, that staple of lazy sci-fi, test-tube grown fast food, is now a reality! Each lab-Whopper costs around the same as a nice three-bedroom beginner home, and yesterday human beings got to put them in their mouths for the first time ever.

So how are the critics responding to the mutant meat burger? Uhhh, well…

According to a BBC correspondent, the meat is dry, hard, lacking in taste and just generally “doesn’t have the right flavor”. But hey, I’m sure we’ll all get used to it soon enough once it’s the only thing available in grocery stores!

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You know, just because something happens in a lot of sci-fi, doesn’t mean you have to make it happen in real life scientists. Lab created food is usually trotted out to show how “society and science has GONE WRONG” in bad sci-fi, so yeah, maybe get back to the curing cancer and getting us our jetpacks, and forget the test tube meat guys.

via Gizmondo