You Can’t Be Harry Potter, But You Can Attend Wizard School

Class of 2010

So an owl didn’t deliver an invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to you on your twelfth birthday?  Are you totally bummed about it?  Good news, the Phoenix Online version of Hogwarts is signing up people 12 and older for classes now.  The Grey School of Wizardry is not affiliated with the real Hogwarts (it is too real, la la la I can’t hear you), but they still teach about herbs and mythology (cool) and about a bunch of new age crap. (I’m slightly biased against things that aren’t, you know, empirically proven. Can you tell?)

According to Blastr, “students 18 years and older pay $60, plus a level-up fee for each level of accomplishment.”  The school also emphasizes that they aren’t a religious institution and stress that wizardry is a profession, not a religious belief.  I totally agree, but job interviewers always give me the side eye when I show them my resume and it says I’ve been employed as a “Badass Wizard” for the past two years.  It’s still better than putting down “blogger”.