You May Soon Be Able To Play Candy Crush On Your iPhone During Plane Takeoffs, Landings

Instead of pretending to thumb through SkyMall (“that’s a good price for a lawn dwarf”) or, ugh, talking to the person next to you, you may soon be able to use your iPhone while listening to your iPod (Dwarves, obviously) while an airplane is taking off and landing, at least if a report commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration says we all won’t die because Jim in 18B can’t stop playing Simpsons Tapped Out for 10 goddamn minutes.

A working group assigned by the Federal Aviation Administration to research the use of electronics on airplanes is expected to recommend relaxing the ban on portable devices during takeoff and landing.

But the group has postponed its final report until September, two months after its original deadline.

The group is expected to endorse permitting a wider use of devices during takeoff and landing, including tablets and smartphones used only for data, said a member of the panel, who declined to be named because members are not permitted to speak publicly about internal discussions. Talking on cellphones will still be prohibited during all phases of flight, the person said. These recommendations are outlined in a draft document that the panel member has seen. (Via)

OK, but can the pilot help me beat Level 65 of Candy Crush? F*ck that level.

(Via Getty Image) (Via NY Times)