‘You Threw Up In My Vagina’ Might Be The Most Romantic Craigslist Missed Connection Ever


While we all know that at least 90 percent of the internet is fake, I’m going to play the devil’s advocate with this Craigslist Missed Connection, which at the time of this writing is still online. There are so many questions to be asked here. First of all, this Bluegrass show was just at somebody’s house? How did they end up at Arby’s? Was this vagina puking intentional or was it the result of too much alcohol? Also, did this take place in the backseat of a car or just behind the dumpsters at Arby’s? (I think we know the answer to that question.) Why does her sister want to talk to him? Does it have to do with the vagina puking?

vagina-throw-upThe full text:

You threw up in my vagina – w4m – 26 (Outside Arby’s)
we met and hooked up after the bluegrass show at the house where the black gay guy lives with 3 white guys. you threw up in my vagina. I’m trying to find you for weeks. My sister wants to talk to you.

I hope these two crazy kids find each other because this is a story to tell the grand kids some day.