You’ll Definitely Want To Punch This Self-Proclaimed ‘Most Vain’ 17-Year-Old Australian Boy In The Face


Meet Kurt Coleman, a 17-year-old who is inexplicably some kind of celebrity in Australia due to a huge following on Facebook and Instagram, which he fills almost entirely with selfies of himself, because he “loves what he sees in the camera.” Coleman naturally idolizes Paris Hilton, because of course he does. Ugh. The Daily Mail reports:

The self-proclaimed ‘most famous teenager in Australia’ has more than 170,000 followers on Facebook and nearly 85,000 on Instagram. He told a national television audience he was Australia’s answer to Paris Hilton.

‘She’s my inspiration, she’s just like me, that’s why I love her,’ he said.

His social media accounts are teaming full of unashamedly self-indulgent photos of the 17-year-old Gold Coast boy, who also claims to be the inspiration behind Beyonce Knowles’ hit Flawless.

Beyonce was not available for comment.

Taint Down Under also recently signed for a regular paid segment on Australia’s Studio 10, and claims that his ambition is to host his own television show. Well WHY THE HELL NOT. I mean, the kid takes a mean selfie, let’s give him all the things!


The perfect Lunar Eclipse.


Don’t hate me coz I’m beautiful.



This kid is just everything that’s wrong with the world. If I were his mom, I’d probably get touch with my obstetrician to see if seventeen years too late to get an abortion. Doesn’t hurt to check.