YouPorn Is Searching For The Raunchiest Comic On The Internet With A ‘Last Comic Fapping’ Contest


Do you have what it takes to be “the raunchiest comic on the internet?” The premier source for free online adult entertainment, YouPorn, has announced a “Last Comic Fapping” contest this week attempting to find just that. Howard Stern Show regular “The Reverend” Bob Levy will be helping curate and oversee the contest, in which hopefuls can submit their porn-related material through a submission form on YouPorn’s SFW website, via YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud.

But just what does it entail to be named the “Last Comic Fapping?”

Along with bragging rights for life, the grand prize winner will receive a stand-up prize package including $2,500, paid round trip airfare to Los Angeles, two nights paid hotel accommodations and, best of all, the winner will co-headline for “The Reverend” in front of a packed crowd at one of Los Angeles’ most revered stand-up venues, the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard heading up their own set.

Hey, there are worse ways to break into the comedy business, I guess. The contest ends July 31, and you can enter here.