Your New Year’s Probably Wasn’t As Awesome As Chris Pratt’s

01.01.15 5 years ago 20 Comments

Okay, it’s no secret that Chris Pratt is basically America’s Sweetheart but honestly, the whole Pratt family is pretty awesome. Case in point: Pratt’s wife, Anna Faris. The actress and funny woman apparently doesn’t mind making everyone else jealous of how great her life is if her New Year’s Eve Twitter feed is anything to go by.

After giving us live updates of how the family spent their Thanksgiving (if you need a refresher it was by vacationing in Hawaii and documenting all of the hilarious things Mamma Faris and son Jack said via social media) the Mom star gave us a glimpse of how the family rang in the new year and it sounds pretty delicious:

Not to be outdone, Pratt revealed his own plans for welcoming 2015:

No matter what you did for New Year’s, it probably wasn’t as fun as this.

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