Everyone In The Yukon Is Thirsty For The D According To This Hilariously Misguided Government Ad Campaign

Have you had your daily dose of D today? If you live in the Yukon territory of Canada, that’s going to be a problem. The problem of residents in the Yukon not getting enough D, in fact, was so bad that the government had to step in and start helping them get the D. And not just the adults, either: everyone in the Yukon needs the D — the kids, the parents, even the very, very elderly. They need the D all year-round. Not a day should go by without someone getting it.

If you’re worried that Health and Social Services in The Yukon suddenly just got strangely progressive, you shouldn’t be. The D they’re talking about is Vitamin D (which Yukoners don’t get enough of due to the lack of sunlight). Unfortunately, however, the person who came up with the slogans (they’re all about how much D the average Yukoner requires) didn’t think to check Urban Dictionary before slapping it across posters everywhere. And of course the internet found out. Alternate theory: the person who created this knew exactly what they were doing and now that the campaign’s gone viral more Yukoners than ever will remember to treat themselves to the D on a daily basis. And isn’t helping residents with the D what this campaign’s really about? This ad, which asks if you need help getting all that D in on a daily basis sure thinks so.

According to Jezebel, the original campaign is now dead (the files that link to the PDF are gone), but thanks to the magic of Twitter no one will ever forget that the people who live in the Yukon are just gagging for the D like their life depended on it. Well played, local government!

Just remember, you need the D regardless of your age. Does that mean you need the D in your 30s, one ad asks. Yes, you do. You need the D in your 30s more than ever.

(Via Jezebel)