Zach Braff Screwed One Of His Fans, Made Me Kind Of Like Him For A Minute

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10.18.11 2 Comments

Reasons to dislike Zach Braff:

– That eye-gougingly terrible movie with Rachel Bilson that derailed her career forever.

– His character on Scrubs devolved into a perpetually whiny caricature that made me stop watching altogether.

– Which then led to no more Turk in my life. And as DR covered earlier today, Turk was awesome.

– I think he acted like a d-bag over his car one time on Punk’d.

Reasons to like Zach Braff:

– The first couple of seasons of Scrubs were pretty terrific.

Garden State had a highly listenable soundtrack.

– His turn as the nevernude Joe Francis on Arrested Development.

His Twitter conversation with Donald Faison after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed.

– And the above tweet and this accompanying photo…

Add tossing “©2011 Zach Braff” on this photo to the first list.

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