Zach Galifianakis Should Be Interviewed By Paul F. Tompkins More Often

It’s time to snuggle with one of the best Zach Galifianakis interviews since his Between Two Ferns days: Galifianakis recently spoke with Paul F. Tompkins for the Speakeasy web series from Made Man. He was there to promote The Campaign, but things veered far off the typical press junket canned answers, to hilarious results. There’s something magical about two stand-up comics who are old friends just winging it in front of some cameras.

In the two-part interview, Galifianakis and Tompkins delve into such topics as being Shrek on Broadway, Shakespeare in the dark, encouraging a friend to do absurdly offensive jokes as his first stand-up set, albino polar bears, dealing with fame, recent open mic disasters, and platonic sleepovers. By the end of it, they get decidedly jaunty . . .

And yet, Galifianakis still hasn’t accomplished the third step in his life’s plan:

Oh well, there’s always Hangover 3.

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