Zappos’ Billionaire CEO Chooses To Live In This Claustrophobic, 240-Square-Foot Trailer

The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hseih, doesn’t live the lifestyle one would expect from a billionaire. Instead of splashing out on a mansion, Hseih prefers to live in a relatively modest Airstream. He calls a 240-square-foot trailer his home, which he rents for $950 per month. That’s still a hefty chunk of change for such a small amount of space, but Hseih can afford such frugal luxuries. His trailer park features a sweet little astroturf courtyard with a frolicking alpaca, which isn’t a perk one can find near the average mobile home.

Hseih believes in minimalism, and even though he runs one of the most prominent shoe retailers, the dude only owns four pairs of footwear. He favors flip flops, slippers, sneakers and a set of Donald J. Pliner loafers. His space is sleek and just right for a busy professional who isn’t looking to set up family space.

Hseih insists that his lifestyle choice is all down to enjoying “experiences” over “possessions.” This is an admirable goal, but the case can be made for enjoying amazing experiences inside a mansion too. A lovely neighborhood alpaca who loves to share carrots will only go so far for people who like to stretch their legs past the nearest wall.

(Via Complex & ABC News)