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7 Crimes Inspired By Badly Chosen Pop Culture

By | 7 Comments

From what the media tells us, pop culture is responsible for 90% of the murders committed in the Western world (the other 10% are caused by graphics on political websites).

The Internet Darwin Awards

By | 2 Comments

The Darwin Awards are familiar to most of us.

A Field Guide To Internet Poseurs

By | 17 Comments

Beyond the Nigerian princes, lonely Russian maidens and undercover FBI agents lies a whole world of lesser-known Internet fakers and poseurs.

TV Shows

5 Reasons It’s Still Good To Be A Serial Killer

By | 4 Comments

Note: Since serial killing is not a victimless crime, the killing in this article will refer only to the murder of people who have lengthy conversations on their cell phones while at the cinema.

TV Stars

A Guide To Meeting Famous People

By | 4 Comments

There is nothing like the sight of screaming fans surrounding an uncomfortable-looking celebrity to make one question the human condition.


Five Entirely New Emotions the Internet Has Given Us

By | 26 Comments

The Internet has allowed humanity to experience emotions that most of us would have been unlikely to find elsewhere: the leap of joy when someone near you joins your furry meetup group, the pleasure of stumbling upon the perfect piece of Avatar slash fanfiction.

#Mad Men

Internet Debate: Christina Hendricks

By | 108 Comments

It’s a question that has plagued mankind since literally the dawn of time.


8 Things Twilight Has Ruined (Besides Vampires)

By | 86 Comments

It’s well established that thanks to Twilight, vampires are forever demoted to well below the status of leprechauns and rainbow unicorns as far as being taken seriously goes.


Dick Moves by Movie Heroes

By | 28 Comments

In general, movies depend on an audience that wants the hero to succeed.

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