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Who Wants Kubiak Fired? (We Do We Do!)

By | 2 Comments

With the team underachieving and failing to reach the playoffs once again, a disgruntled group of Houston Texans fans (are there any other kind.


Snarkiest. Referee. Ever.

By | 4 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, pictured above is Paul Devorski, and he is now my favorite referee ever.


No One Cares About The Islanders

By | 6 Comments

A paltry 3,136 fans braved the elements to watch the Islanders beat the Canadiens 4-1 at Nassau Coliseum on Sunday, the team's third consecutive win.


Ed Reed Is A Fiery Competitor

By | 2 Comments

It's funny, you see, because sometimes when someone is doing something particularly well, especially in sports, people will often refer to that person as being "on fire.


Crikey! Aussie Golfer Busted For Blow

By | 2 Comments

"Man, I wish this trophy was full of coke.


Holly Madison Bobblehead Is Lifelike

By | 7 Comments

Tuesday evening, the Las Vegas 51s, the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, held what I am sure was a very popular promotion, Holly Madison Bobblehead Night.


The Sklar Brothers Ruin Everything

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You name it, whatever the Sklar Brothers touch invariably turns to crap.


It Was The Meat Of The Moment


The Morning Meat put the put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp.


Lane Kiffin: The Sexiest Woman Alive?

By | 4 Comments

He very well could be, at least as far as Esquire magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive" tournament is concerned.


Big Dork Doesn’t Like Big Ben

By | 6 Comments

Amid the fallout after the determination by Ocmulgee Circuit District Attorney Fred Bright that Ben Roethlisberger <a href="http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jeOMaBS-CggqylgNYM_Ic1AvnstQD9F1M8380">would not face criminal charges</a> relating to his alleged hanky-panky in a Georgia nightclub earlier this year is the news that Fox NFL analyst/resident hick Terry Bradshaw ain't none too fond of Big Ben and his highfalutin' antics.


Dog Drops Ground Rule Deuce

By | 6 Comments

Sure, when a mangy mutt gets loose on a minor league baseball field and poops, everybody thinks it's hilarious, but when I do it, I spend the night in jail in a cell with no toilet paper.


Girls Shouldn’t Play Sports

By | 9 Comments

Allow me to present to you reason no.


Deion Sanders Is A Cunning Linguist

By | 9 Comments

Not that you weren't already keenly aware of that fact.


Your Daily Mastersgate Plane Update

By | 8 Comments

The Cessna airplane that was flying the friendly skies over Augusta National yesterday <a href="http://www.trailingtiger.com/2010/4/8/1411539/no-tiger-bootyism-is-not-a-made-up">with clever messages</a> directed at Tiger Woods trailing behind it will not be hovering over the course today as it has been grounded by the FAA for some "needed repairs.


Introducing the NBA Booger Cam

By | 6 Comments

If I were forced to select my favorite player between James Posey and Stephen Jackson, I suppose I would have to go with Posey.


White Sox Fans Be Bangin’ In Restroom

By | 6 Comments

Now, who wouldn't find a romantic locale like this sexually invigorating.

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