This New Service That Sends Anonymous Emails Is The Most Terrible-Wonderful Idea Ever

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Someone developed a service that lets you send anonymous emails to people, and there is no way this could possibly go horribly wrong.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

Zoe Saldana Posed Nude To Promote ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ (Or Something)


Because "Guardians of the Galaxy" needs the press, here's naked Zoe Saldana.


Has Anyone Seen The Panties Belonging To A Naked Girl Who Climbed Through A Doggy Door?

By | 8 Comments

Let the 25-year-old woman who got arrested for climbing through a stranger's doggy door naked tell her side of the story.


A Teenager Is Hilariously Posing As Female Celebrities On Instagram

By | 13 Comments

If you've ever wondered what Ariana Grande would look like as a 17-year-old boy, here you go.


Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask A Bunch Of Comic-Con Weirdos If They’ve Ever Had Sex In Their Costumes

By | 6 Comments

Ever wanted to know if dorks have sex in costumes? Complimentary brain bleach is on the house!


REPORT: Beyoncé Is ‘Secretly’ Shopping Around For Her Own Place Without Jay-Z

By | 4 Comments

Here's the latest piece of evidence that supports that Beyonce and Jay Z are definitely, without a doubt getting a divorce.


100% True Story: A Scottish Woman Had A Sex Toy Stuck In Her Vagina For Ten Years

By | 13 Comments

This story is basically the antidote to the '50 Shades of Grey' trailer going around.


The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Trailer Has Already Whipped The Action Blockbusters

By | 9 Comments

According to the latest rankings, the trailer for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is already the most watched of 2014 by a nice margin.


Channing Tatum Offered A Preview Of His Card-Throwing Abilities At Comic-Con

By | 6 Comments

To prove that he's been working on his role of Gambit in the 'X-Men' franchise, Channing Tatum threw a playing card at Comic-Con.

dog videos

This Dog Faceplanting Into A Fence Is Hands Down The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

By | 5 Comments

This video delivers exactly what it promises: A dog with a facefull of fence.


The Gang From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Hopes To Solve All Of Your Problems With A New Self-Help Book

By | 11 Comments

Even though Charlie from 'It's Always Sunny' can't read, he's apparently writing a self help book. OKAY!


Where Has Afroman Been Since ‘Because I Got High’? A Serious Investigation.

By | 16 Comments

It's been over a decade since Afroman warned us of the pitfalls of marijuana with his hit single, "Because I Got High." What's he been up to?

kendrick lamar

Childish Gambino Called Himself ‘The Best Rapper’ Alive And Dissed Drake

By | 55 Comments

Childish Gambino deemed himself "the best rapper" alive. Take THAT, Kendrick.

justin beiber

Feast Your Eyes On Justin Bieber’s Adorable Attempt At Growing Facial Hair

By | 12 Comments

It looks like someone needs to buy Justin Bieber Fisher Price's 'My First Shaving Kit', STAT.

80s movies

A Love Letter To Lori Loughlin — AKA Aunt Becky On ‘Full House’ — The First Crush Of An Entire Generation

By | 34 Comments

Lori Loughlin celebrates her 50th birthday today, so let's celebrate the roles that helped turn her into America's underrated sweetheart.

fred phelps

Former Westboro Baptist Church Member Zach Phelps-Roper Participated In A Pretty Fascinating Reddit AMA

By | 12 Comments

Zach Phelps-Roper, grandson of the late Fred Phelps, answered questions about his time with the Westboro Baptist Church.


Stephen A. Smith Released An Apology For His Poorly-Worded Thoughts On Ray Rice

By | 6 Comments

After adding to the confusion with a string of Tweets, Stephen A. Smith finally typed a complete apology for his domestic violence rant.


It’s Time For John To Get Back To Work In The ‘Person Of Interest’ Season 4 Teaser

By | 3 Comments

CBS revealed the Season 4 teaser for 'Person of Interest' at Comic-Con, and John is eager to get Harold back in action against Samaritan.


Report: Jay Z And Beyoncé Are Done Because He’s ‘Screwing’ This Pop Star

By | 21 Comments

Rumors have it Jay Z and Beyonce are calling it quits because he's been screwing an equally famous pop star.

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