Allison Tolman

Allison Tolman Is Going To Appear On The Upcoming Season Of ‘The Mindy Project’

By | 8 Comments

Allison Tolman is going to appear on 'The Mindy Project' as a romantic interest to Adam Pally's character. We approve.


Forget Central Perk, It’s Time For These Other TV Show Hangouts To Become Real

By | 34 Comments

Forget 'Friends' and Central Perk, it's time that some of TV's less-celebrated restaurants, bars and clubs got the respect they deserve.


This Pennsylvania Church Billboard Proclaims That ‘God Loves Sex’

By | 4 Comments

A Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania church wants you to know: God knows you're f*cking and he's totes cool with it.


Someone Came Up With A Bunch Of Literal Netflix Descriptions Based On Series Posters

By | 5 Comments

What if someone were to write Netflix descriptions based on nothing but the series image?

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Let’s Officially Retire The Ice Bucket Challenge With These 50 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges


Let's all watch the 50 best celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges and get it out of our systems for once and for all.

LeBron James

LeBron James Is Putting A Cleveland Championship First And Hollywood Second


In order to focus on winning a title with the Cavaliers, LeBron James is putting his acting ambitions on the back burner for the next year.


Joan Rivers Is In Critical Condition After She Stopped Breathing During Surgery

By | 37 Comments

Everyone think positive thoughts, because Joan Rivers is in critical condition after she stopped breathing during a routine surgery.


What If All The NFL Logos Smoked Weed?


What if the NFL relaxed a bit? Lit one up? Smoked a bowl? Smoked that weed erry day? Let’s find out!

#Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Actually Raised A Sh*t Ton Of Money With Her VMA Charity Stunt

By | 7 Comments

Well, on the plus side of Miley Cyrus' homeless not homeless scandal, at least she raised a whole bunch of money.


The One With The Complete History Of ‘Friends’ Reunions

By | 7 Comments

Every single time Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and, ugh, Ross have gotten the band back together since "Friends" finished.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Adorable Little Girl Who Did The Ice Bucket Challenge Apologizes For The F-Bomb Heard ‘Round The World

By | 13 Comments

The foul-mouthed toddler who did the Ice Bucket Challenge has issued an apology. She's still adorable.

#American Horror Story

The Latest ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Teaser Spotlights A Three-Legged Woman


Do you get freaked out by women with three-legs swinging around on some kind of trapeze swing?

sex toy

This Sex Toy Review Has A Most Unexpected Twist

By | 20 Comments

A sex toy review with a most unexpected twist and yep, that's typically not what a dildo is used for.

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