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the colbert report

Here’s Your Out Of Character Evidence That Stephen Colbert Is Always Funny

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Parts of the internet are reacting to Stephen Colbert hosting 'The Late Show' by saying he's not funny out of character. These people are mistaken.

jimmy kimmel

Drake Roamed Los Angeles In Disguise Asking People What They Think Of Him

By | 2 Comments

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" got Drake to dress up and play "Do You Hate Me?"


Guess What Happened To These Kids Who Took Prom Photos While Crowded Onto A Small Bridge?

By | 3 Comments

These high school students in Piece, Nebraska made the mistake of gathering on a bridge on the property of their classmate to take some photos before prom.


A ‘Tosh.0′ Production Assistant Was Shot And Killed By The L.A. Police

By | 20 Comments

A production assistant for "Tosh.0" was murdered by cops in Los Angeles after being mistaken for an actual suspect.


Amanda Bynes’ Mom Is Blaming All Of Her Daughter’s Problems On Marijuana

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Amanda Bynes is blaming all of her daughter's strange behavior on Marijuana. I knew it. It's always Weed!


Oh, Florida: Atheist Attacks Roommate With Butter Knife Because He Thought He Was Jesus


A Florida man and self-described atheist is charged with attacking his roommate with a butter knife because he thought he was Jesus, because why not, Florida?


Discovery Doesn’t Think Your Dog Is Watching Enough Television


Discovery Communications has just purchased an unspecified stake in DogTV, which has been operating until now as a digital television channel for dogs.


Here’s The Clip Of Stephen Colbert Singing ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ From ‘Strangers With Candy’ You’re Looking For

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Before "The Colbert Report," there was Stephen Colbert covering Kansas on "Strangers with Candy."

the 90s

In Which Hannibal Buress Makes Fun Of A Bunch Of Ridiculous R&B Videos From The ’90s

By | 2 Comments

Hannibal Buress teamed up with Complex to find the five most unintentionally funny R&B songs from the 1990's.


This Fascinating And Horrifying Emma Watson GIF Will Never Make Sense

By | 7 Comments

We've reached peak Internet with this GIF of Emma Watson.


Watch This Insane Video Of A Woman Being Mugged While Giving A Live Interview About Lack Of Police


A Rio de Janeiro news crew was interviewing this woman about the high rate of crime when some mugger attempted to rip a gold chain off of her neck.

new music

Here’s What A ‘New’ Michael Jackson Song Sounds Like In 2014

By | 5 Comments

A song originally recorded in 2001 by a guy who died in 2009 from an album released in 2014.

nick cannon

Let’s Play A Game: What Does Nick Cannon’s New Hairstyle Look The Most Like?

By | 42 Comments

In Nick Cannon news, Nick Cannon has a wacky new hairstyle and is still totally hilarious!


That Profanity Laced Letter To A Teacher All Your Friends Are Sharing On Facebook Is Probably Fake


This corrected version of a student's paper that was posted on Reddit is awesome. Too bad it's probably fake.


Reddit Asks: Who Was Your School’s ‘Weird Person’ And What Did They Do?

By | 18 Comments

This time Reddit aims to find the real life Steve Urkels, Martha Dumptrucks and Screeches in the world.

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