Chelsea Handler Is Going To Make An Ungodly Amount Of Money With Her Netflix Deal

By | 11 Comments

Chelsea Handler's salary is going to eclipse network late night salaries with her new Netflix deal.

#Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Shares His Favorite #MyRoommateIsWeird Tweets

By | 6 Comments

Weird roommates is a topic that almost all of us can all probably relate to.


The TSA’s Expensive, Controversial Backscatter Scanners Were Utterly Useless

By | 10 Comments

Remember those backscatter machines you had to go through for years when flying? Turns out they didn't work.


A South Carolina Woman Beat Up A 64-Year-Old Man For Farting In Her Face

By | 2 Comments

A 33-year old woman and 64-year-old man had a real South Carolina Trash-Off.

#Brooklyn Nine Nine

Eva Longoria Is Joining ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ As A Love Interest To Andy Samberg

By | 9 Comments

I guess you can't say ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s' Jake Peralta doesn't have a type.

porn stars

A Porn Star Wants New Boobs, So She’s Having A ‘Ball-A-Thon’ To Pay For Them

By | 22 Comments

A Canadian porn star will host...and you already clicked after "Canadian porn star."


Oh, Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Really Are Getting A Divorce Now

By | 12 Comments

Love is officially dead, because Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are ending their six year marriage.


That Time Tom Hardy Photobombed A Bridal Party As Bane

By | 17 Comments

Let's not stand on ceremony here, this is the best photobomb of all time.


Sorry To Break It To You Ladies, But William Hung Is Off The Market

By | 5 Comments

You can just dash those dreams of securing down William Hung now, ladies.


Let’s Celebrate Jon Lajoie’s (Taco From ‘The League’) Birthday With Some Of His Finest Music Videos

By | 12 Comments

We have no idea how Jon LaJoie has not reached Chris Pratt levels of stardom by now.


On The Awkward Brilliance Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Music Video

By | 11 Comments

It's Taylor Swift's world, and if you disagree, you're just a hater.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Filmed Himself Finally Shaving That Dirt Off Of His Upper Lip

By | 3 Comments

Justin Bieber shaving off his 'stache' is the most unintentionally funny thing we've seen in a while.


Yahoo!’s Fantasy Football Expert Brad Evans Talks Studs, Sleepers And Why Lamar Miller Breaks Our Hearts

By | 9 Comments

Fantasy football expert Brad Evans from Yahoo! Sports let us pick his brain on everything from studs and sleepers to his worst loss ever.


The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Guide To Women Is Here, And It’s Hilarious

By | 20 Comments

Highlights include the supplemental money draft, "Fun Zone" descriptions, and "Any guy who reads Elite Daily."

#Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Is Going To Perform Live On The Series Finale Of ‘Chelsea Lately’

By | 3 Comments

We can only imagine what Miley Cyrus has in store for the finale of 'Chelsea Lately.'


This Hero Teen Sacrificed His Own Life Trying To Prevent A Friend From Drunk Driving

By | 22 Comments

This is a really sad story. We lost one of the good ones, it sounds like.

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