The Celtics Humiliate the Bucks; Kevin Love’s Streak Crashes to a Halt

By: 03.14.11

Kevin LoveThe Warriors went out of their way to be physical with Love and insisted on double-teaming him every time he got the ball no matter where he was on the court. Kevin was clearly frustrated most of the night, particularly because he felt like he was getting beaten up and not getting any whistles. One time he grabbed a defensive rebound and was hit in the head by an elbow as David Lee flew by, swiping at the ball. Love held the ball for a few seconds before giving it up to Luke Ridnour and gave Lee a death stare as he ran down the floor … With a little over six minutes to go in the game and the Timberwolves down 20 Love checked back into the game needing four points to keep the streak going. As he walked onto the floor, Kurt Rambis grabbed Love – it looked like he told him he was going to give him a few minutes to get his points and then he was going to take him out of the game. No need for Love to get hurt in in otherwise meaningless game, right? About two minutes later, after more double teams from the Warriors, Love was back on the bench for good … After the final buzzer, Kevin walked onto the court to shake hands with the Warriors. He saw Lee, started laughing, and asked him, “Are you happy?” … The Magic smacked the Steve Nash-less Suns 111-88 in what was a pretty terrible game. Nash’s injury was listed as “pelvic instability.” Google’s search results seem to only associate pelvic instability with pregnant women so do with that what you will … The Knicks were terrible in their 106-93 home loss to the Pacers last night. Some grim stat lines: Chauncey Billups returned to shoot 0-7 from three and 4-14 from the field, with four turnovers. Toney Douglas finished with three points on 1-12 shooting from the field. It was so bad that the MSG crowd (in love with the Knicks over the past few weeks) booed loudly at the end of the game. Clyde Frazier called the crowd “pugnacious” … The NCAA Tournament seeding was announced yesterday and we already can’t wait for this thing to get started. We posted some instant analysis on the site last night right after the selection show to cover some early upset predictions and matchups to watch. We’ll be blowing out the coverage starting today so stay tuned … We’re out like streaks.

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