An Unexpected Hero Slays The Knicks; Tracy McGrady Finally Makes The Second Round; L.A. Is Embarrassed

04.29.13 4 years ago 10 Comments
Jason Terry

Jason Terry (photo. Reebok)

Jason Terry admitted it after Boston’s season-saving seven-point overtime win over New York yesterday afternoon. The JET hasn’t had the greatest of seasons, falling off from a super clutch old timer to… just some guy who takes up space, gets tattoos he can’t back up anymore and does annoying fighter plane dances. But he reemerged in the extra session, hitting a ball-busting triple in transition to put the Celtics up three with barely a minute left in overtime. Carmelo Anthony (10-for-35, 36 points), who wore Brandon Bass like a snug sweater all day, countered with a pull-up, but Terry (18 points) answered again with another bucket. He’d later make two freebies to put Boston up five with 20 seconds left, and then finished it off with a breakaway layup. … Without J.R. Smith (suspended), New York (which had to resort to an old timer’s lineup in the second quarter: Kidd, Prigioni, Novak, Q-Rich and Martin) fell behind by 20 in the third. Paul Pierce had 29 points (and a missed pull-up to send it to overtime) and dropped the boom on the Knicks during that stretch.

The Knicks were unwinding once they got concerned with the refs, but Raymond Felton (27 points, 16 in the third quarter) saved them. He was playing better than he ever has, working Avery Bradley over on threes and drives. He also made a pull-up triple at the quarter buzzer from close to 30 feet, cutting the deficit to just three. If only ‘Melo had brought it like that. He missed 25 shots, two of them in the final minute, and also choked on two free throws with 1:50 left in regulation. … During the first quarter, Steve Novak drilled a transition three-pointer and the Notorious J.V.G. called him “one of the best shooters who has ever lived!” Machine Gun Kelly can definitely stroke it, but he probably wouldn’t make our list of the top five shooters ever (topped by Shooter McGavin). Yet the Notorious J.V.G. wasn’t done. He later said Jason Kidd “doesn’t act emotionally drunk.” … It’s all good though, New York fans. You’re still up 3-1, and if you needed any condolences, have a chat with rapper Joe Budden

Miami sent the Bucks fishing, completing the sweep with a 88-77 win and getting 30 points from LeBron James. D-Wade didn’t play, and it still didn’t matter. The Heat toyed with Milwaukee, finally finishing them off in the fourth quarter when they got three-point plays from LeBron while the Bucks continually left Ray Allen (16 points) open in the corner. Within minutes, a two-possession game became 86-72. That sound you heard were thousands of remote controls switching channels. James is now 32-7 in first-round games in his career. … Remember Brandon Jennings guaranteeing the Bucks would take this in six? He ended up shooting 17-for-57 from the floor during the series, and went 1-for-7 for three points yesterday. … It’ll be an interesting offseason for Milwaukee. They’re like the new age Atlanta: they’re never getting past the first/second round (no matter WHAT) with their current roster, yet they’re kind of locked into it because they don’t have any better options. No one really wants to play there, they won’t get high draft choices, and all of their best players consistently have one foot out the door. Put it this way, if Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis (21 points, eight assists) are your two best players, you ain’t winning s—. In a perfect world, Ellis is a great sixth man, and Jennings still needs seasoning if he wants to turn into the 15 a night, gritty, clutch point guard that you can win with. … And since when has Shaq developed a fetish for Chris Andersen? Hopefully the Birdman keeps up this run he’s been on because we need more of this…

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