Shaq Could Return To Basketball; Knicks New Jerseys Are Revealed

By: 09.05.12
Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

Just a day after we heard Allen Iverson say he was willing to take the Starbury detour and head to China to play ball, we’re hearing another former star could be coming back to basketball: Shaquille O’Neal. That sound you hear is TNT fans everywhere screaming in delight. No one is talking about anything permanent, however. Sorry to kill the excitement. Yes, O’Neal should be back to possibly submarine “Inside The NBA” again, but there are also some plans in the works for the Big Fella to restart his pro career on the court. Marcelo Bousquet of ESPN tweeted (courtesy of a translation from HoopsHype) that the president of Fuerza Regia, a club in the Mexican Basketball League, says Shaq could play one or two games during the upcoming season. We gave Iverson some of this same advice in the past, but is there anyone who was more destined to become the real life Kenny Powers than Shaquille O’Neal? We don’t think so. The similarities are too eerie. A show on O’Neal’s exploits in that league could be awesome … As we wrote this weekend, the Nets traveled to Houston to check in on Washington castaway Andray Blatche, and sure enough, it sounds like there are closing in on a deal with the 6-11 pile of underachievement. reports the two are on course to get a deal done this week (UPDATE: Marc Spears of tweeted that the two sides have agreed to a one-year deal paying Blatche the minimum). This comes after Avery Johnson said earlier today that the Nets aren’t a championship-level team. When you’re signing guys like Blatche, who is one strike away from permanently being banished to local rec leagues, you can’t really call the lil’ General a liar … Did y’all catch the Muggsy Bogues Collection from K1X? Those t-shirts are so fresh we wanted to buy up the whole collection. And while the gear is obviously officially nice, we spent parts of yesterday reminiscing on Mr. Tyrone Bogues. Even more amazing than the fact that a 5-3 point guard lasted 14 years in the NBA, is the fact that a 5-3 point guard was chosen No. 12 overall in a loaded draft class. Check out all the big names that came out of the ’87 Draft: David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, Kenny Smith, Kevin Johnson, Olden Polynice (wanted to see if you were paying attention), Horace Grant, Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, and Reggie Lewis (RIP). Could a player that small ever get drafted that high in today’s game? No freakin’ way, even if that player was as much of a defensive pest and as much of an offensive genius as Muggsy was at Wake Forest. Everyone is too caught up in things like height, wingspan and vertical leap … And thank God for Kevin McHale. We make fun of the man (he’s an incredibly easy target), but in an interview with, the dude lit up the present “me-first, mo money, mo problems” NBA culture. The only way you can win, according to McHale, is by finding the right mix of guys who will go above and beyond for the sake of the team, and are willing to sacrifice more than just a few shots for the good of the group. It’s a cliche, but it’s still very true. McHale also dropped this gem: “Again, that is not the sexy, ‘Oh you’re in the NBA, you get paid.’ That’s why half these clowns in this league don’t win anything.” … Keep reading to hear what those crazy OKC fans did this time …

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